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Petrol Engine V8 Setting / Locking Tool Kit For Jaguar / Land Rover

• This V8 petrol engine was first introduced by Jaguar in 1997,
  and it is still in using today.
• Land Rover started to use later version of the engine in 2005.
• There have many changes that both engine capacity and component
  over the years, but the basic procedure is for checking and adjusting
  the engine timing and dis mantling, and assembling of front end gear,
  the timing chain, the camshaft...etc., applies across the engine range.
• The timing application on the early and later engines are included in 914-5717.

• A.) Flywheel Locking Pin (Silver). OEM: 303-531.
• B.) Flywheel Locking Pin (Gold).  OEM: 303-645.
• C.) Camshaft Setting Plate Set (Pair). OEM: 303-530.
• D.) Camshaft Gear Holding Tool.   OEM: 303-532.
• E.) Tensioner Wedge Set (Pair).    OEM: 303-533.
• F.) Primary Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: T40011.
• G.) Tensioner Depress Pin.
• H.) VVT Unit Setting Tool. OEM: 303-654.

• Application:---
  Jaguar / Land Rover 3.2, 3.5, 4.0, 4.2, 4.4 V8 petrol engines in:
  Jaguar XJ8 (97-09), XJR (97-09), S-Type (99-08), XF (08-09), XK8 (97-09),
              XKR (98-09),

• Engine: AJ26 Series, AJ27 Series, AJ28 Series, AJ34 Series.
  3.2: AC, KB, KC, 3.5: RB,
  4.0: BC, CC, CE, DC, EC, GB, GC, LB, LC, MA, MB, NB, NC, PA, PB,
  4.2: 1B, 2B, 3B, 1G, 5G, 9G, HB, HG, SB, TB, PC.
  Land Rover New Range Rover (06-09), Discovery III (05-09), Range Rover Sport (05-09),
  Engine: 4.2 428PS, 4.4 448PN.

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