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Petrol Engine Setting / Locking Kit

• 1.2/1.4 TSi - Belt Drive & Camshaft Alignment Kit 1.4 TFSi For VAG
• Suitable for the latest VAG 1.2/1.4 TSi belt drive petrol engine, and 1.4 TSi ACT.
• Contain the essential tool for the camshaft locking, the crankshaft replacement, and the
  timing belt replacement. Secure the camshaft when checking and adjusting the valve
  timing. Use for locking the camshaft on the vehicle equipped with 1.4 TFSi engine.
• From 2012 VAG introduces a new version of 1.4 TFSi petrol engine.
• This new engine is equips with CoD (Cylinder on Demand) technology that the engine
  switches between 2 and 4 cylinder running modes to maximize the efficiency.
• The new engine designs for the new camshaft locking tool.

• A.) Crankshaft Timing Pin. OEM: T10340.
• B.) Tensioner Adjustment Tool. OEM: T10499.
• C.) Camshaft Lock. OEM: T10494.
• D.) Auxiliary Drive Belt Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: T10060A.
• E.) Camshaft Positioning Tool. OEM: T10504.
• F.) Camshaft Timing Pin. OEM: T10504/1.
• G.) Camshaft Timing Check Pin. OEM: T10504/2.

• Audi A1/A1 Sportback – TFSi CoD, A3 Cabrio, A3 Saloon,
          A3/A3 Sportback, Q3. Year: 2012-2016.
• Seat Ibiza - TSi ACT. Year: 2012-2016.
• Volkswagen Golf VII - TSi ACT, Passat – Blue GT, Polo. Year: 2012-2016.

• Application (Model):---
  Audi: A1 (12-15), A1 Sportback (12-15), A3 (13-15), A3 Sportback (12-15).
  Seat: Ibiza (12-15), Leon (12-15), Toledo (12-15).
  Skoda: Fabia (10-13), Octavia II (10-13), Octavia III (10-15).
• Engine Code: 1.2 TSi: CJZA, CJZB. 1.4 TSi: CGGA, CHPA, CMBA, CPVA, CRJA,
  CXSA. 1.4 TSi ACT: CPTA.
• Camshaft Positioning Tool & Camshaft Timing Pin & Camshaft Timing Check Pin:
  VAG 1.4 TFSi petrol engine: Audi A3 2013>, Golf 2013>, Octavia 2013>, Leon 2013>.
  4 cylinder injection engine (1.4L direct injection engine, turbo charger).
• Engine Code: 1.4: CPTA, CZEA.

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