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Oil Funnel Set for Mercedes-Benz & BMW - No-spill Complete Coverage

• Funnel can be directly connected to oil filler necks, eliminating unsafe oil spills.
• Engine oil bottles can be put up side down on funnel – hands-free and
  one-person operation.
• Large oil passage allows oil to flow down more rapidly.
• Lower transparent chamber shows oil flows down to engine.
• Set with two adapters. Black adapter with two tabs is to fit BMW and
  Mercedes-Benz most models.
• Blue adapter with 1/4 turn is to fit BMW B37, B47, and B58 engines from 2017
  with cap OEM # 11 12 8 654 637; Mercedes-Benz M256 Hybrid, OM654 and
  OM656 engines from 2017 with cap OEM # A0000180200.

• Make / Model No. / Year / Category / Remark
  Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169 2004-2012 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz A-Class W176 2012-2018 Oil funnel All engines
  except OM607
  Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245 2005-2011 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz B-Class W246 2011-2019 Oil funnel All engines
  except OM607
  Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203 2001-2007 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 2007-2015 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 2014-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  except OM654
  Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 2015-2021 Oil funnel 
  C 350 BlueTEC 2.0L OM654 PHEV
  Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C216 2006-2014 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz CLA C117 2013-2018 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz CLK C209 2002-2009 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz CLS C218 2011-2017 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz CLS C219 2004-2010 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz CLS C257 2017-2020 Oil funnel CLS 350d OM656 D29
  Mercedes-Benz CLS C257 2018-2021 Oil funnel 
  AMG CLS 53; 4Matic+ M256 3.0L
  Mercedes-Benz CLS C257 2021-2021 Oil funnel 
  CLS 400d 4Matic OM656 D29
  Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 2002-2008 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212 2009-2016 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 2016-2021 Oil funnel E 220d 2.0L OM654
  Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 2018-2021 Oil funnel AMG E 53 3.0 L M256
  Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 2019-2021 Oil funnel G 400 d OM656
  Mercedes-Benz GL-Class X166 2012-2019 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class X156 2013-2020 Oil funnel All engine types
  except OM607
  Mercedes-Benz GLC X253 2016-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz GLE W166 2015-2019 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz GLE W167 2019-2021 Oil funnel GLE 450 4Matic 3.0L M256
  Mercedes-Benz GLE W167 2020-2021 Oil funnel 
  AMG GLE 53 4Matic+ 3.0L M256
  Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class X204 2008-2015 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz M-Class W164 2005-2011 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz R-Class W251 2006-2014 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 2005-2013 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 2013-2017 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 2017-2020 Oil funnel S 450; 4Matic M 256
  Mercedes-Benz SL R230 2002-2012 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz SL R231 2012-2020 Oil funnel All engines


• Make / Model No. / Year / Category / Remark
  Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG C197 2011-2015 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1995-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  Mercedes-Benz Vaneo W414 2002-2005 Oil funnel 1.7 CDI 91 Manual OM668
  Mercedes-Benz Vito W639 2002-2014 Oil funnel All engines

  BMW 1 Series F20 2012-2019 Oil funnel All engines except N13 engine
  BMW 2 Series F22 2014-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 2 Series F45 2014-2017 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 2 Series F45 2018-2021 Oil funnel 216i, 218i B38; 220i,
  225i B48 engines
  BMW 3 Series F30 2011-2019 Oil funnel All engines except N13 engine
  BMW 3 Series G20 2019-2021 Oil funnel 318i, 320i,
  325Li, 330e B48 engines
  BMW 4 Series F32 2013-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 4 Series G22 2021-2021 Oil funnel 420i, 430i B48; M440i,
  M440ix B58 engines
  BMW 5 Series F10 2009-2017 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 5 Series G30 2018-2021 Oil funnel 520i, 530i B48; 540i B58;
  M550ix N63
  BMW 5 Series G30 2021-2021 Oil funnel 530e iPerformance B48 engine
  BMW 6 Series F12 2011-2018 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 6 Series G32 2017-2021 Oil funnel 630d, 630xd, 640xd B57 engines
  BMW 6 Series G32 2018-2021 Oil funnel 630i B48; 640i B58;
  620d B47 engines
  BMW 7 Series F01 2008-2015 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW 7 Series G11 2019-2021 Oil funnel 730i B48; 740i, 745e B58;
  750i N63 engine
  BMW 7 Series G11 2020-2021 Oil funnel Alpina B7 N63 engine
  BMW 8 Series G15 2019-2021 Oil funnel 840i, 840ix B58;
  M850i xd N63 engines
  BMW i8 2014-2020 Oil funnel Hybrid
  BMW X1 E84 2009-2015 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X1 F48 2017-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X2 F39 2017-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X3 E53 2004-2010 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X3 F25 2011-2017 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X3 G01 2019-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X4 F26 2014-2018 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X4 G02 2019-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X5 E70 2007-2013 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X5 F15 2013-2018 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X5 G05 2019-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X6 E71 2008-2014 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X6 F16 2015-2019 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X6 G06 2019-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW X7 G07 2019-2021 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW Z4 E89 2009-2016 Oil funnel All engines
  BMW Z4 G26 2018-2021 Oil funnel All engines


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