Volkswagen & Audi Tools


Engine Timing Tool For VW & Audi

• This new kit of twenty seven tools requires for the petrol and the
  diesel engine service, including the timing belt replacement on the
  recent model and also older 1.9D model from 1976.

• Application (Model):---
  Audi: A4, A6, A8, Allroad (97-04).
  Volkswagen: Passat (98-04).

• Engine Code:---
• Note: Take out 4 pcs and add 2 pcs, and add 5 pcs more.


• A.) Tensioner Socket.          OEM: 3078.
• B.) Crankshaft Locking Pin. OEM: 3242, T30052.
• C.) Fixing Gauge for Camshaft. OEM: T30094, 3458.
• D.) Injection Pump Locking Pin. OEM: 3359.
• E.) Tensioner Locking Pin.         OEM: T40011.
• F.) Injection Pump Locking Pin.  OEM: 3359, T20102, U40074.
• G.) Tensioner Setting Tool.  OEM: 23-058, T10008, 310-084.
• H.) Camshaft Locking Tool. OEM: T10016, T10074.
• I.)  Crankshaft Pulley Setting Tool. OEM: T10050, 310-085.
• J.) Camshaft Setting Plate. OEM: T20038, T10098, MP1-1312.
• K.) Camshaft Setting Bar.   OEM: T10008, 2065A, U40021.
• L.) M5×55 Stud and Nuts.  OEM: T10092.
• M.) Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: T40011.
• N.) Injection Pump Timing Pin 15.4mm. OEM: 2064, U20003.
• O.) Camshaft Adjustment Tool. OEM: 3418.
• P.)  Crankshaft Locking Pin.      OEM: T10121.
• Q.) Fixing Pin.
• R.) Camshaft Aligning Tool. OEM: T10123.
• S.) Crankshaft Pulley Locking Tool. OEM: T10100.
• T.) Support Guide 17 mm x 2. OEM: 3369.
• U.) Tensioner Setting Tool.
• V.) Chain Tensioner Retainer. OEM: T20044/3366.
• W.) Tensioner Locking Tool. OEM: T10265.
• X.) Tensioner Adjuster. OEM: T10264.
• Y.) Auxiliary Drive Belt Tensioner Locking Pin. T10060/T10060A, T20167.
• Z.) Tension Pulley Holding Wrench. OEM: T10020, Matra V.159.
• AA.) Set Screw M5 x 60mm.

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