Volkswagen & Audi Tools


Engine Timing Tool For VW & Audi W/4 Groove & Alu Finish

• This new kit of twenty two tools requires for the petrol and the
  diesel engine service, including the timing belt replacement
  on the recent model and also older 1.9 D model from 1976.

• Application (Model):---
  Audi: A4, A6, A8, Allroad (97-04).
  Volkswagen: Passat (98-04).

• Engine Code:---

• A.) Tensioner Socket. OEM: 3078.
• B.) Crankshaft Locking Pin. OEM: 3242, T30052.
• C.) Fixing Gauge for Camshaft. OEM: T30094, 3458.
• D.) Injection Pump Locking Pin. OEM: 3359.
• E.) Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: T40011.
• F.) Injection Pump Locking Pin. OEM: 3359, T20102, U40074.
• G.) Tensioner Setting Tool. OEM: 23-058, T10008, 310-084.
• H.) Camshaft Locking Tool. OEM: T10016, T10074, MP1-312.
• I.)  Crankshaft Pulley Setting Tool. OEM: 23-059, T10050, 310-085.
• J.) Camshaft Setting Plate. OEM: T20038, T10098, MP1-1312.
• K.) Camshaft Setting Bar.   OEM: T10008, 2065A, U40021.
• L.) M5 × 55 Stud and Nuts. OEM: T10092.
• M.) Tensioner Locking Pin.  OEM: T40011.
• N.) Injection Pump Timing Pin 15.4 mm. OEM: 2064, U20003.
• O.) Camshaft Adjustment Tool. OEM: 3418.
• Q.) Fixing Pin.
• P.) Crankshaft Locking Pin. OEM: T10121.
• R.) Camshaft Aligning Tool. OEM: T10123.
• S.) Crankshaft Pulley Locking Tool. OEM: T10100.
• T.)  Front End Support Guides.        OEM: 3369.
• U.) Tension Pulley Holding Wrench. OEM: T10020,| Matra V.159.
• V.)  Screw.

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