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Diesel Engine Setting / Locking Set

• For Fiat, Iveco, Citroen, Peugeot - 2.3D, 3.0D Belt / Chain Drive

• 2.3D diesel engine has a timing belt - the crankshaft to the camshaft sprocket,
  and the twin camshaft connects by a chain located within the cylinder head at
  the rear of the engine. 3.0D diesel engine basically utilizes the same timing tool
  but the chain drive is from the crankshaft to the valve train.

• A Crankshaft Locking Pin. OEM-Fiat/Iveco: 99360615/
                                            OEM-Citroen/Peugeot: (-).0191/2.A.
• B Camshaft Setting Pin (2 per set). OEM-Fiat/Iveco: 99360614.
                                                           OEM-Citroen/Peugeot: (-).0191/2.B.
• C Sensor Position Locking Pin. OEM-Fiat/Iveco: 99360608/1.860.617.000.
• D Crankshaft Timing Pin. OEM-Fiat/Iveco: 2 000 018 200.



• Application (Model):---
  Fiat: Ducato (02-11).
  Iveco: Daily (03-10), Daily/EcoDaily (09-11).
  Citroen: Relay/Jumper III (06-12).
  Peugeot: Boxer III (06-12).

• Engine Code:---
  2.3D Belt: F1AE0481A, F1AE0481B, F1AE0481C, F1AE0481D,
                   F1AE0481F, F1AE0481FA, F1AE0481G, F1AE0481H,
                   F1AE0481HA, F1AE0481N, F1AE0481UA, F1AE0481VA.
  3.0D Chain: F1CE0481A, F1CE0481B, F1CE0481D, F1CE0481F,
                       F1CE0481H, F1CE3481M.
  3.0D HDi Chain: F30DTE(F1CE0481D), F30DTE(F1CE3481DM),



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