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Camshaft Alignment Tool Set For BMW S85 E60 / M5, E63 / M6

• BMW S85B50 DOHC 40 valve V10 engine fits to E60 M5 and E63 M6
  master tool set contains a comprehensive set of tools to perform the
  camshaft timing on S85 V10 engine.
• The kit includes the following: camshaft alignment fixture - two camshaft
  alignment jigs fixes the camshaft in the proper TDC orientation during assembly.
• Flywheel alignment pin: To align the flywheel at the TDC position.
• VANOS setting tool: Fixture sets and adjusts valve timing and the basic
  VANOS setting.
• VANOS timing socket: For turning the engine at crankshaft when adjusting
  the VANOS timing.

• A.) Camshaft Alignment Tools. OEM: 115 300.
• B.) Crankshaft Timing Pin. OEM: 115 320.
• C.) Crankshaft Rotating Tool. OEM: 116 480.
• D.) VANOS Camshaft Gauge. OEM: 115 380.
• E.) VANOS Camshaft Gauge. OEM: 115 410.

• Application: The extractor for the replacement of the front and the rear
                      metallic sub - frame mounting bush.
• 1.) Camshaft Timing Tool: This tool is for fixing the camshaft in TDC position
        used to dismantle and assemble the intake and the exhaust camshaft.
        Applicable: BMW engine model S85
• 2.) Timing Pin for BMW (S85): Use to lock the crankshaft in the TDC position.
• 3.) VANOS Camshaft Gauge for BMW (S85): Use to lock the camshaft in the
       TDC position.
• 4.) VANOS Camshaft Gauge for BMW (S85): Adjusting the plate for setting
       the valve timing on the engine with the double VANOS.
• 5.) VANOS Timing Socket: For adjusting the VANOS during assembly for
       adjusting the valve timing.          
• 6.) Applicable: S50B30.S50B32.S54.

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