Ford/GM/Chrysler Repair Tools


Engine Timing Tool For Ford
• A special 4 piece kit contains the necessary special pin required to lock the
  camshaft sprocket, flywheel and align the crankshaft and fuel pump when
  checking the valve timing on 2.0 and 2.4 liter chain drive engines and/or
  replacing the timing belt on 1.4 liter engine.
• The kit covers later duratec petrol engine, It includes revised design camshaft
  locking plate and tensioner locking pin, and also covers the completed range of
  Ford duratec engine 1.25 through 2.0 16v in the both belt and chain drive variant.
• An essential engine timing tool kit is for the GM model, it uses with a number of
  Ford setting/locking kit for locking the crankshaft in the timed position by locating
  into the flywheel; Suitable for counter - holding the crankshaft when releasing or
  tightening the crankshaft pulley bolts.
• Use on a wide range of Ford engine, particularly 1.8 TDDi/TDCi and 2.0 TDCi
  diesel, 1.6 Ti-VCT and later 1.25/1.4 16v duratec petrol engines.
• Prevent the engine shaft (e.g. camshaft, injection pump shaft, crankshaft) to
  keep in a specific position when changing a timing belt or during other engine
  repaired, removed, and replaced the injection pump.
• Front cover alignment tool and pump pulley holding tool are designed for
  Ford diesel 1.8 TDCi and TDDi engines, they allow the injection or the high
  pressure fuel sprocket to be removed, and include a timing chain front cover
  alignment tool.
• The comprehensive kit covers the current Ford 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and the new
  2.0 TDCi diesel giving extensive coverage of the modern Ford belt drive
  duratorq diesel engines.
• A neat solution designs to allow the locking of the vital timed component on
  1.6 Ti-VCT engine from Ford.
• The comprehensive kit for the timing 2.0/2.2 and 2.4 duratorq chain drive
  diesel engines, it includes sprocket retaining plate locating pin and accesses
  cover removal plate tools for the injection pump removal/installation.
• A practical kit allows the locking of the camshaft and the crankshaft for the
  replacement of the timing belt on Ford range of 1.8 TDDi, TDCi and turbo
  diesel engines.
• Use on Ford diesel engine which the pump is driven by a separate chain drive.
• A.) Camshaft Alignment Bracket. OEM: 21-105, 2065A.                                  
• B.) Injection Pump Locking Pin 15.4mm. OEM: 23-047.
• C.) Camshaft / Fuel Pump Alignment Pin (x2). OEM: 21-260 / 303-732.         
• D.) Camshaft Locking Plate.   OEM: 303-1061.
• E.) Camshaft Alignment Tool. OEM: 303-1060.                                              
• F.) Camshaft Locking Pin 5mm. 21-260, 303-732, 21-251, 0194A, 0178D.
• G.) Camshaft Timing Pin. OEM: 21-263, 303-735, 0194B, 49 JE 02 021.      
• H.) Flywheel Locking Pin. OEM: 21-234, 21-251.
• I.)   Flywheel Locking Pin 11.5mm. 21-262, 303-734, 0194C, 49 JE 02 020.  
• J.)  Crankshaft Alignment Pin. OEM: 303-620, 21-163.
• K.) Crankshaft Alignment Pin.  OEM: 21-210, 303-507.
• L.) Setting Pin 12.7mm. OEM: 23-020.
• M.) Setting Pin 9.5mm. OEM: 21-123, KM6011.
• N.) Shim Set. OEM: Shim.
• O.) Lock Strap. OEM: 21-162, 21-162B, 303-367, 303-376.
• P.) Setting Pin 8.25mm x 95 mm. OEM: 23-029.
• Q.) Camshaft Sprocket Puller. OEM: 303-651, 21-229.
• R.) Camshaft Sprocket Puller. OEM: 303-651, 21-229.
• S.) Camshaft Sprocket Puller. OEM: 303-651, 21-229.
• T.)  Pump Cover Assembly.     OEM: 21-238.
• U.) Locking Tool. OEM: 303-1151.
• V.)  Flywheel Locking Pin. OEM: 21-234.
• W.) Flywheel Locking Pin. OEM: 21-251.
• X.) Sprocket Retaining Plate Locating Pin (3pcs). OEM: MOT 1430.
• Y.) Camshaft & Fuel Pump Sprocket Locking Pin 6mm (3pcs). OEM: 0132AB.
• Z.) Cam Belt Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: T40011.
• AA.) Injection Pump Timing Pin 6mm. OEM: 3359.
• AB.) Flywheel Locking Pin. OEM: 310-084/23-058/T10008.
• AC.) Crankshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool. OEM: 23-059/310-085/T10050.
• AD.) TDC Setting Screw. OEM: 21-104.
• AE.) Flywheel Locking Tool. OEM: 303-393/21-168.
• AF.) Injection Pump Setting Pin and Washer 6mm. OEM: 23-019.
• AG.) Front Cover Alignment Tool. OEM: 23-067 / 310-095.
• AH.) Pump Pulley Holding Tool. OEM: 303-652 / 21-230.
• AI.)  Long Tooth Block. OEM: 303-393-02.
• AJ.) Very Short Tooth Block. OEM: 303-393-01.
• AK.) Camshaft Alignment Strap. OEM: 303-376B/21-162B/303-367.
• AL.) Flywheel Locking Pin. OEM: 9.4mm.
• AM.) Tensioner Locking Pin. OEM: 303-1054, T10115.
• AN.) Crankshaft Alignment Pin. OEM: 303-748, 21-159.
• AO.) Camshaft Sprocket Lock.  OEM: 303-1097/999-7429.
• AP.)  Crankshaft Alignment Pin. OEM: 303-1059.
• AQ.) Camshaft / Injection Pump Locking Pin 8mm. OEM: 303-735.
• AR.) Setting Pin 8mm x 3. OEM: 0153-M, 0178/C/D.
• AS.) Setting Pin 6mm. OEM: 0178B.
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