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21pcs Multi-Purpose Cooling System Test Ki

• Set for testing leaks in automotive cooling system and major cooling system components
  such as thermostat, water pump, water temperature sensor and cooling fan.
• Helps mechanics test thermostat, water pump, water temperature sensor and cooling
  fan without removing any single parts on engine.
• Includes a displaying device (Digital LCD) that provides an effective communication
  between mechanics and car owners.
• Includes step adapters fitting most vehicles on market.

• Installation:---
  Step 1.) Disconnect the radiator upper hose.
  Step 2.) Connect the step adapters to the coolant flow pipe.
  Step 3.) Connect rubber pipes to the upper hose and radiator with
                hose clamps and then insert the coolant flow pipe in between.
  Step 4.) Connect the digital test device onto the coolant flow pipe.


• Nylon Pump: Max. pressure for hose: 200 psi.
                         Pressure gauge: 0-2.5kg/cm2 (35 psi).
• Coolant flow pipe: Size: 1/2”. Material: EPDM. Max. Temperature: 180°C.
                                   Max. Pressure: 3kg/cm2 (42.6 psi).
• Rubbe Pipes: Internal Sizes. Ø25.4 (Length: 80mm), Ø31.8 (Length: 80mm),
                          Ø34.9 (Length: 100mm), Ø38.1 (Length: 120mm).
• Digital Test Device: Glass screen: dia. 20.1mm. LED: 1W.
                                     Pressure gauge: 0-2.5 kg/cm2 (35 psi).
                                     LCD Screen: 24mm x 12mm.
                                     LCD Battery: CR2032 (3 volts).
                                     CE certificated and water-proof.
                                     Time to turn off: 15 mins.    
• Female Coupling: Includes Safety release button 1kg/cm2 (14.2 psi),
                                 Manual release button, Coolant bleeding hose connect. 
• Step Adapters: Material: Nylon.
• Coolant Bleeding Hose: PVC Ø5.2 x dia. 9 x 600mm.
• Release Hose: PVC Ø13.5 x dia. 9 x 600mm.
• Hose Clamps: Ø25-Ø40 x 4, Ø30-Ø45 x 2, Ø32-Ø50 x 2. Material: Stainless.
• Hose Clamp Driver: Application Size: 7mm. Length: 235mm.  

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